OLLI Provides the Perfect Angle as the World’s First Powered Smartphone Valet

And with the increase of video calling on FaceTime, Skype and more and more entertainment, news, and sports content being designed for the smallest screens, there’s significant room for improvement in the quality of those experiences.

OLLI, an exquisitely designed adjustable powered smartphone holder from NexVidea that promises the perfect viewing angle for movies and during video calling, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

When NexVidea’s founders’ relationship ended it meant making impossible decisions about the couple’s son and choosing between living in North America or Europe. Long distance communication between the founder and his son led to far too many uncomfortable Skype phone calls trying to find the perfect way to hold the phone during long video chats. Though the market offered gimmicky and plasticky solutions, none offered quite the versatility or craftsmanship that led to the idea for OLLI.

“The original inspiration for the product came nearly two years ago. My youngest son Oliver lives half a world away from me. One of the ways we connect is through frequent video calls that often last an hour to two hours long,” says Lloyd Elder, founder and CEO. “And they became increasingly frustrating because I kept having to hold and position my phone to get the camera angle right. Typical father-son interactions became impossible.”

The OLLI works with ANY smartphone, with or without a case. Its 7-way, 180° posable aluminum arm comes complete with a magnetic mount which offers 360° phone rotation plus full tilt. All of this provides for greater and more flattering camera angles during FaceTime or Skype calls, optimum comfort for mobile TV and movie watching and a powerful enhancement to Siri hands-free experiences.

The built-in 5200 mAh power bank yields nearly 1.5x smartphone charges. OLLI is the perfect companion to use anywhere as its compact design folds completely, fitting easily into a purse or backpack and back out again, ready to complement the day whether at home, on-the-go, or in the office. OLLI’s emphasis to detail shines with its crisp lines, lightweight aluminum arm, and brilliant copper finish; making this the definitive smartphone lifestyle…

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