octoScope Unveils High Order MIMO Testing Solution

octoBox wireless personal testbed configured with a mixture of 5 GHz and 2-6 GHz antennas for high order MIMO coupling with 16 MIMO OTA paths

The smaller 5 GHz antennas are optimized for high-order MIMO testing and beamforming.

octoScope, the leader in accurate, repeatable and automated wireless personal testbeds, today announced the introduction of its new octoBox® OBS-15 test antennas.

The octoBox® OBS-15 high gain log-periodic antennas are optimized for use in the 5 GHz band. Their reduced form-factor allows for the testing of the latest generation of wireless technologies such as 802.11ax and LTE-Advanced, both of which support 8×8 MIMO. The solution also allows for the testing of beamforming when the number of receiving antennas is fewer than the number of transmitting antennas.

The latest wireless technologies such as 802.11p/n/ac/ax and cellular (LTE, LTE-Advanced, including LAA and MulteFire) use a variety of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna techniques. As MIMO systems grow in complexity, testing becomes more challenging. Both LTE Advanced and 802.11ax incorporate eight-antenna technologies to get higher performance gains. The new, smaller 5 GHz antennas developed by octoScope are needed to create the high capacity MIMO testbeds required to test these advanced technologies.

The octoBox® personal testbed product line by octoScope, supports operating frequencies from 700 MHz to 6 GHz, allowing for testing in all the essential frequency bands, including cellular/LTE, CBRS and Wi-Fi bands. The testbeds range in size from desktop/benchtop models to refrigerator-sized configurations on wheels. Their compact size enables wireless test and development engineers to perform fast, comprehensive and repeatable testing in their offices rather than inside large isolation chambers or in test houses. When configured with the OBS-15 antennas, the testbeds offer ideal conditions for testing multi-stream MIMO throughput and beamforming.

The octoScope personal testbeds, STACK-BENCHTOP, STACK-16, and STACK-SNB, are configured with the octoBox high gain antennas. The STACK-16 testbed is primarily a throughput testbed optimized to achieve the highest possible MIMO-OTA throughput. To achieve maximum…

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