NYC Public Relations Firm and the Media

An interesting relationship exists between the NYC public relations firm and the media… One might call it symbiotic for the NYC public relations firm serves as a facilitator in the delivery of information and content to the media and, given the significant cutbacks that have occurred within the media world, this can be an important and critical function.


The NYC public relations firm can also be in a position of delivering top flight commentators and spokespeople to the media for interviews on important news programs, advancing the reporter’s story with animated, lively and incisive commentary. Typically, the NYC public relations firm will thoroughly prepare their client spokespeople for television appearances so that both client and medium benefit from having a polished and media-savvy guest to interview.


Sometimes, there is an adversarial relationship between the NYC public relations firm and the media, particularly when it comes to dealing with negative news. Clients typically tend to want to avoid the media when trouble hits. It is the job of the counselor at the NYC public relations firm to change that client’s point of view – not often an easy task – the media tends to dislike “fair weather” friends – to wit, those who are available to talk for hours when the news is good and go into hiding when things are not quite so good. The NYC public relations firm pro can greatly assist a client when a crisis hits by helping develop a crisis communications preparedness plan as well as training client spokespeople to face the media during trying times.


The NYC public relations firm pro does possess a distinct advantage over his colleagues located in other locations: New York City is the media capital of the world and, as such, just about every major news organization is either headquartered or maintains a significant presence in the city. This is particularly critical as the NYC public relations firm practitioner has the opportunity to forge…

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