Nutshell CRM Delivers New Board View with Drag-and-Drop Pipeline Management

Nuthshell works the way that we run our business and the new Board view looks great!

Nutshell, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software for small business sales teams, today announced it has launched a simpler, more practical way for sales reps to view and manage their deals. Nutshell’s new Board view with drag-and-drop pipeline management provides sales reps with the ability to move deals between stages, toggle between pipelines, and view deals by both quantity and value, all in a highly visual manner. With Board view, sales reps can:

-Quickly see what needs to be done next

-Easily move leads from one stage to another

-Keep tabs on the general health of their pipeline

-Save time cleaning up leads

Sales managers will also benefit from the new Board view by having quick at-a glance insight into their entire team’s pipeline, as well as the data necessary to coach their reps more effectively.

“Nutshell works the way that we run our business and the new Board view looks great,” said Gabor Bene, Business Development Manager at Indivizo. “We are excited about using this feature because up until now, we have been drawing our leads out on a wipe board in a similar fashion. With this feature, we can finally have our stand-up meetings online.”

With the addition of the Board view, Nutshell is now the most flexible CRM on the market, serving the needs of every member of a sales team no matter how they choose to manage their pipeline.

“From traditional sellers to digital-native Millennials, no two sales reps are the same. Yet most CRMs force them all to work in the same way,” said Joe Malcoun, CEO of Nutshell. “With Nutshell, reps can work however they like, in whatever way they find most successful.”


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