Now Introducing Latest Glass Vials and Sugar Pellets

In the pharmaceutical industry, glass vials and sugar pellets are inevitable for medical storage, distribution and even in preparation and formulation. In Quebec, the glass vials are used for storing different medications and are known for their ability to retain the medications for a long time. Sugar pellets, which wholesalers and suppliers are availing them at competitive prices, are mainly used for dispensing medicinal preparations these days.

glass vials in Quebec In the region, these vials are manufactured from flint or amber borosilicate glass under rigorous quality control program. These are mainly available in different formats, including amber glass, clear glass and colored glass of different sizes. One of the merits includes the purity of structure of these glasses. This implies that the vials allow no reaction with the contents. This is quite crucial in pharmacology.

The contents, or medicines, are highly dependent on the temperature of the container. The glass vials are also known for their endurance to maintain the temperature. Glass manufacturers can as well determine the thickness depending on certain medicines, which might need a thicker or thinner container.

Concisely, the vials are in demand because of its structural soundness as well as its flexibility.

• Sugar pellet, medication and formulation In pharmacology, an excipient is an inactive substance that is formulated with the main ingredient of a medication. Sugar pellets are multiparticles, which are used as an excipient for the accurate dispensation in manufacturing dosage forms. These pellets have a size ranging from 100 – 2000 µm. The advancement of medicines alternative to tablets such as capsules, made these pellets more significant.

In addition, they have a few more favorable features, such as the high mix and flow behavior, made possible by the spherical shape. Technology has also made possible to compress these pellets and produce sustained release dosage forms. These…

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