Nova Scotia inmate’s overdose death could have been prevented, dad says – Nova Scotia

A Nova Scotia man whose son died days after he was found unresponsive in a jail cell last year is disputing the findings of a provincial review into the death.

A two-page Justice Department report, released Wednesday, concludes Paul Dauphinee Jr. died from complications resulting from an accidental drug overdose after he “consumed prescription drugs gained from another offender.”

But according to an autopsy report into the 38-year-old man’s death, Dauphinee Jr. also had undiagnosed, serious heart problems — something that is not mentioned in the Justice Department’s report.

Dauphinee Jr. was found on the floor of his cell at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Centre the morning of Nov. 2, 2016. He died in the Dartmouth General Hospital a few days later.

The Nova Scotia Justice Department said Paul Dauphinee Jr., pictured here with his mother, died after he “consumed prescription drugs gained from another offender.” (Paul Dauphinee Sr.)

His father, Paul Dauphinee Sr., obtained a copy of the autopsy report and sent it to CBC News. The report describes a 75 per cent blockage of major arteries on the left side of Dauphinee Jr.’s heart and a 50 per cent blockage of arteries on the right.

“There’s not a thing mentioned about his heart, how bad his heart was, how bad his arteries were,” Dauphinee Sr. said, referring to the Justice Department report released Wednesday.

“He was walking dead.”

Dauphinee Sr. contends that if his son’s heart condition had been properly diagnosed and treated, he might still be alive.

Struggled with drug addiction

The autopsy report shows Dauphinee Jr. had drugs in his system at the time of his death, including the methadone he was prescribed to help wean him off opioids. The medical examiner concluded drug intoxication was “the proximate cause of death.”

The autopsy revealed the presence of methadone and olanzapine — an anti-psychotic — in Dauphinee Jr.’s system.

Dauphinee Sr. said his son struggled with a drug…

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