Nostradamus’ prediction Jibankrishna the Universal man and my future vision


Out of curiosity one day I was searching in the websites on Nostradamus’ predictions for 21st Century on spiritualism and I was overwhelmed with surprised seeing some of his quatrains which completely corroborate the phenomenon of Jibankrishna(Diamond), his discussions as well as many of my visions on Jibankrishna’s new concept of universal religion spreading throughout the world.

Before narrating my future visions through dreams, a few interesting quatrains are given with some interpretations as learnt from Jibankrishna or Diamond, my God-the-Preceptor.

Nostradamus used to see the visions through a state of trance from where his pure consciousness used to act on his mind. The theory lies in the fact that this human brain is the carbon copy of this whole Universe including past, present and future. Man is Brahma or Supreme Being in a hidden state within him. It manifests within the human body spontaneously. And when it does, the human brain is transformed into pure consciousness when these revelations take place, as happened in my case by the grace of God-the-Preceptor Jibankrishna or Diamond.

In a pure mind these revelations about past and future occur spontaneously, both about spiritual and material aspects, as happened in case of Nostradamus. This is not a miracle but a natural process and innate in a man. When we don’t know the reason, we call it miracle.

The ongoing chapters are not for the final conclusion about the corroboration between Nostradamus’ predications on spiritual aspects and new spiritual phenomenon encircling Jibankrishna (Diamond) or my future visions, but this should be taken from analytical point of view as we have to wait and see.

                                                      Chapter – 1

In Century 1-48 Nostradamus mentions :

                        When twenty years of the Moon’s reign have passed,

                        another will take up his reign for seven thousand years,

                        When the exhausted sun takes up his cycle

                        Then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

Here one of the esoteric meaning is like thus :

In one sense moon represents Bhakti Cult according to Hindu scriptures, which means dualism. Sun represents knowledge – knowledge of oneness or oneism. In oneism there exists…

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