Northwood Dental Crafts Smile Makeovers with Convenient Porcelain Veneers in Clearwater, FL

Northwood Dental is currently welcoming patients with cracked, stained or crooked teeth for custom porcelain veneers in Clearwater, FL, with or without a referral. Experienced in a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments, Drs. Jill Hagan, David Wagner, Saravana Karunagaran and Gabrielle Goodman frequently recommend veneers as an affordable and convenient smile makeover solution.

Offered in the form of dental crowns, bridges, teeth whitening or orthodontic care, the goal of cosmetic dentistry is to create an ideal smile. At Northwood Dental, Drs. Hagan, Wagner, Karunagaran and Goodman offer these services to patients in need of a smile makeover, however, after an initial consultation, some find that veneers are the best option for them. Porcelain veneers can frequently cover numerous benefits through one simple solution.

The three-step process that culminates in bright, even teeth begins with the discussion between the dentist and patient that determines whether this method will provide the most satisfactory outcome. Porcelain veneers are only one-half of a millimeter in thickness. To ensure that they create the look that the individual wants, the dentist reshapes the existing teeth and creates an impression so that the new surfaces fit seamlessly. This is done during the second appointment where a patient also receives a temporary set while their veneers are custom-made. Once the permanent set is ready, the veneers are bonded to the natural teeth for long-lasting results.

Those with cracked, stained or crooked teeth who desire the self-confidence a beautiful smile may provide can learn more about the cosmetic dentistry services available at Northwood Dental at To schedule a consultation for veneers in Clearwater,…

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