North Korea could team up with ISIS to launch terror attacks ‘ACROSS GLOBE’ | World | News

Experts said Kim Jong-un’s hermit state would not hesitate to use extremist jihadis to attack their Western enemies.

North Korea would actually find it easier to target their rivals using ISIS than by themselves, a report by Washington-based anti-extremism group Clarion Project said. 

They said North Korea had previously worked with Islamic extremists, selling them weapons in 2003 and 2005, and would not flinch away from a similar partnership in the future. 

The report said: “North Korea could collaborate with Islamist terrorists or criminal elements for an attack in America.

North Korea is officially a communist, Stalinist dictatorship, but that hasn’t stopped it from crossing the ideological divide to embrace Islamist regimes and, reportedly, even jihadist groups.”

They said, despite a strict anti-religion policy in North Korea, Islam was growing in the hermit state. They added the anti-American nature of society in North Korea would increase the likelihood of extremism. 

The report said: “North Korea is isolated now but don’t assume that Islamists won’t be able to enter the country and make contact with its black market as the regime becomes unstable.

“The extreme anti-Americanism and anti-democracy thought that is instilled in the population means this Muslim population will probably be inclined towards radicalism.”

And they said this growing partnership between extremism and North Korea could lead to a terrifying new axis of evil – with no-one safe from a Kim Jong-un-ordered terror attack. 

Clarion said there already was a history of North Korea exploiting extremism for their own benefits and warned of more to come. 

The report said: “In 2005, North Korea threatened to sell its nuclear weapons to terrorist groups ‘if driven into a corner’.

“North Korea has a surplus of nuclear weapons. It can afford to sell off a few if it feels confident that US intelligence will be unable to identify and intercept the shipment; a fair assumption given our recent underestimations of their capabilities.

“It is not out of the realm of possibility that North Korea will try to launch saboteur/terrorist attacks on American soil, particularly against those seeking to undermine Kim Jong-Un.”

They said this year’s murder of Kim Yong-un showed the fear of remote North Korea-sponsored attacks was not unlikely. 

The report concluded: “Earlier this year, Kim Jong-Un used two assassins to murder a political rival using the VX biological weapon in a…

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