North Carolina Attorney John L. Pinnix Examines Trump’s Immigration Policies

Attorney John L. Pinnix

If U.S. companies cannot access the workers they need to grow and thrive in the United States, they will turn to other options, such as expanding operations outside the United States.

John L. Pinnix, a founding member of the Raleigh, NC, law firm Allen & Pinnix, P.A. and a national expert on immigration policy and strategy, recently told a gathering of graduate students at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School that “after one semester and the summer session,” the Trump administration deserved an “F” for its “fundamentally flawed and, actually, un-American immigration policies.”

Pinnix, who is a Certified Immigration Specialist by the North Carolina State Bar and the senior immigration attorney of the oldest immigration practice in North Carolina, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, noted that “the president has not relented in his promise to pursue a costly border wall, despite significant opposition throughout the Southwestern border states and tepid Republican support in Congress.” And Trump has, “thankfully failed – for now at least – to deliver on his campaign promise to ban Muslims from the United States.”

Pinnix, a past President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, confessed surprise that Trump had not steered his administration toward policies that would provide relief for the American economy, that do not address the current shortage of essential workers and would ensure that America will be competitive in the 21st century. “The president has surrounded himself with advisors that are hostile to immigration,” noted Pinnix. “But in this instance he should know more than his advisors; as a businessman, Trump reportedly had significant experience with immigrant labor in the various H-visa categories and with undocumented workers. Thus far, the administration has failed to realistically address the legitimate needs of U.S. employers or the other aspects of our broken immigration system.”

Pinnix said Trump’s support of reducing lawful immigration through a point-based immigration system betrays historic American values, reunifying families and protecting the oppressed, and also…

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