Nintendo’s ‘Arms’ is a whimsical fighter with wonderful multiplayer [Video]

The Nintendo Switch has just two major titles capable of pulling people in: the incredible “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” But now you can add a third game to the list with the company’s new fighter “Arms.”

A Switch exclusive, “Arms” offers the kind of whimsical, party game-style fun that Nintendo (NTDOY) excels at. That’s not to say that “Arms” is a perfect title, though.

It does have shortcomings, especially when it comes to its single-player mode. But its local and online multiplayer options and spring-inspired character design make it the kind of approachable game you’ll enjoy playing with friends on your couch and online.

Getting into the swing of things

Fighting games are a staple of the gaming industry. But getting the hang of a new fighter always takes time. And if you take the fight online, you better be an expert, because button mashing isn’t an option against a snarky 11-year who can beat you in less than a minute while talking smack about your “momma.”

Which is what makes “Arms” such an impressive offering. I

Nintendo’s ‘Arms’ is a blast when facing off against friends.

t’s easy to jump into and difficult to master. That’s because rather than having to memorize the right sequence of button presses to pull off a massive 40-hit combo, “Arms” comes down to four major moves: jump, dash, right punch and left punch.

With the Switch’s Joy-Con’s (controllers) built-in motion sensors, you can quickly throw a punch with your right hand, and your on-screen character will immediately replicate the motion. Throw a fist out and curve your hand inward, and your spring-loaded punch will curve along with the movement.

You hold your left and right Joy-Cons in thumbs-up mode and tilt them left, right, back or forward to move around the ring. To dash and jump, you have to press the left and right shoulder buttons.

But “Arms” fighters’ springy, uh, arms, mean that while you can…

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