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The uprising came after Fergus Ewing, the Rural Economy Minister, announced plans that would mean Scottish trawlers would not get a sea fisheries license if they don’t agree to land 55 per cent of their fish north of the border.

But the move has caused widespread outrage towards the Scottish Nationalist Party, led by Nicola Sturgeon, as it would cost the fisherman thousands of pounds extra.

The Scottish Fisherman’s Organisation (SFO) blasted Ms Sturgeon’s Government for the idea becuase it would block them from selling their catch to other countries that pay 20 per cent more, The Telegraph reports.

John Anderson, the chief executive of SFO warned that his members were so irate that they might take the Government to court.

He told The Telegraph: “Our legal advice to date suggests that these proposals, which basically say land more fish to one of four factories or we are taking some quota away from you, go against the core economic principles of the EU and as such are likely to be incompatible with the laws of the EEA.

He added: “Ultimately, the way the Government are going about this will make things worse, not better, and our fishermen have been asked to act in an entirely irrational manner which, unsurprisingly, is something they are unwilling to do.” 

Mr Anderson said that the move was in breach of the laws governing the EU single market by blocking them from exporting to other member states.

Scottish fishermen with trawlers of 10 metres in length can get a licence by ensuring that they either make half of their quota landing in the UK, or have 50 per cent of their crew in the UK or ensure that 50 percent of expenditure is in the UK. 

But Mr Ewing wants the amount of landing in Scotland, and not the whole of the UK, to increase to boost the fishing industry in the country.

He said: “With the value of fish landed by Scottish vessels at a record high of £563 million, we need to make sure that the whole industry – whether that’s skippers, harbours, boat builders or fish processors – can benefit from this food and drink success story.

“A more secure supply will allow processing sectors to work more closely with the catching sector to plan and deliver investment for the future, which is essential to inclusive growth in our coastal communities.”

His shake-up of the industry comes as Ms Sturgeon faces a chorus of opposition to her anti-Brexit stance – which has angered Scottish fisherman.

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