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NIBIRU DOOM: Did NASA confirm Planet X existed in 1983?

Fundamentalist Christians, who believe a mythical planet called Nibiru or Planet X will appear in the skies within two days on September 23, claim the previous sighting could be prove NASA discovered the threat to Earth then covered it up.

Growing numbers of fundamentalist Christians believe codes in the Bible and signs in the heavens mean the Rapture will soon be upon us.

Scores of YouTube doom videos and evangelical websites point to an astrological constellation on September 23 matching Revelation 12:1–2, which will signal the start of the Rapture and second coming of Christ.

One main purveyor of the theory is Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade, who also predicts a mythological planetary system known as Planet X or Nibiru will appear in the sky on September 23.

He claims Niburu will then pass the Earth in October, causing the start of the Rapture with huge volcanoes and volcanic eruptions due to its gravitational force.

Now, a Washington Post report entitled ‘Possibly as Large as Jupiter’, which was published on December 30 1983, is being shared online by Nibiru believers as possible proof of Planet X.

The report said: “A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the US infrared astronomical satellite.”

It said it was 50 billion miles from Earth at the time.

Dr Gerry Neugebauer, then chief scientist for California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology, told the paper: “All I can tell you is that we don’t know what it is.”

The report added: “The most fascinating explanation of this mystery body, which is so cold it…

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