NextLabs Cited by Gartner in Three Separate Research Reports

We continually strive to stay ahead of the curve for data-centric security solutions that enable companies to operate and compete more effectively in a highly dynamic global environment.

NextLabs, a leading provider of data-centric security software to protect business-critical data and applications, was cited by Gartner during 2017 in three separate research reports. In one of them, “Deploying Enterprise Digital Rights Management to Control and Monitor Unstructured Data,” Gartner wrote, “Enterprise DRM provides persistent protection of data and can solve various security and compliance issues in digital business.”

NextLabs’ patented* approach to persistent data protection allows any file type to be protected and accessed from any device to ensure secure easy collaboration, regardless of where the data resides. Users can access protected files through their web browsers, mobile clients, or native applications. The solution can easily adapt to dynamic business situations and support ad-hoc data sharing, while still allowing organizations to maintain centralized visibility and control of data sharing policies. Comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities track user activities, data sharing, and data access across multiple deeply integrated enterprise applications, including SAP, Siemens, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and more.

NextLabs is also recognized in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Data-Centric Audit and Protection.” According to this report, “The exponential growth in data generation and usage across multiple data silos is rendering current data security methods obsolete, requiring significant changes in both architecture and product selection approaches.”

NextLabs was identified by Gartner as a Representative Vendor. As set forth in this Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP)-focused report, NextLabs was evaluated for its capabilities across data silos (Database, Files, Big Data, SaaS, and IaaS) and DCAP capabilities (Behavior Analytics, Monitoring & Alerting, Integrated Policies, Data Classification, Integrated Data Discovery, Access Control, and Data Protection Policy Enforcement) among 24 other vendors.

Gartner also mentioned NextLabs in “Improving Runtime Authorization Maturity.” According to…

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