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Samim Bigzad, a 23-year-old man from Afghanistan, came to the UK in 2015 after being threatened with beheading by the Taliban.

Speaking of his case, Mr Bigzad told Newsnight he was “scared” to be sent back to Kabul and that he had ended up staying in the city for four nights.

After travelling to Europe from Afghanistan, Mr Bigzad ended up in the “jungle” in Calais before he illegally entered the UK.

He then claimed asylum, claiming he worked for an American-owned company in Afghanistan and that his life was in danger. However, his claim was rejected and he was ordered to be removed from the UK.

But on September 12, while he was in transit on a flight to Kabul via Istabbul, his lawyers received news that a High Court judge had reversed the decision.

However, Mr Bigzad was not taken off the flight as the Home Office claimed it was simply too late to get him off.

Even after arriving in Kabul, the Home Office did not attempt to fly Mr Bigzad back, leading a second High Court judge to claim it was “prima facie” in contempt of court.

Then on September 14 the Home Office attempted to overturn the decision of the two High Court judges.

It was only after a third judge upheld the decision of those two judges that the Home Office agreed to return Mr Bigzad to London.

In a statement, the Home Office said that Mr Bigzad’s asylum claim had been carefully considered and refused in March last year.

The Home Office also said that he was removed after the courts concluded he had no right to remain.

In its statement, the Home Office also added that it had taken action to respond to the court order by returning Mr Bigzad but that it was too late to disembark him from his plane to Kabul.

Responding to accusations of contempt of court on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Ms Rudd said: “I will look carefully at the information and make sure we abide by the law, like we always do.”

However, Lord Falconer, a former Lord Chancellor, compared the Home Secretary’s actions to those of a “16th-century monarch”.

He added: “No special rules about court orders apply to her. She cannot ignore them and shop around the judges until she gets what she wants.”

Shami Chakrabarti, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, said: “The return of Samim Bigzad from Kabul after his unlawful deportation is welcome news but the Home Office must explain how he was removed in the first instance.

“There is no security let alone democracy without the rule of law. If Government ministers flout court…

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