News outlets ‘banned from filming’ Jared Kushner during visit to Israel

Journalists were ordered not to photograph Jared Kushner while he is in Israel on a quick visit trying to broker a peace deal for father-in-law Donald Trump.

It is unclear at this time who gave the order, but reports indicate that an Associated Press cameraman was prevented from filming Mr Kushner’s arrival at the office of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

Another cameraman was told to delete the memory card in his camera, which reportedly contained images of Mr Kushner’s arrival and from Mr Netanyahu’s office.

There is no indication this was for security reasons or whether it was US or Israeli authorities gave the order.

The problem extended to the actual meeting as well. Officials would not comment on what the pair would specifically discuss.

The former real estate executive’s visit lasted less than a day, but the timing coincided with Mr Netanyahu’s announcement that construction had begun on the first new Israeli settlement in 25 years.

Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian official told Reuters that “the real question” is whether the Trump administration “will tell Israel that it is enough and they have to stop immediately all settlement activities, or they will accept this Israeli provocation?”

Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas visited the White House in May during which the pair discussed settlements and a two-state solution.

The New York Times reported that Mr Kushner’s family, who are Orthodox Jewish, are old family friends of Mr Netanyahu and have contributed money in the past to Israeli settlements.

A short video of the video was released in which Mr Netanyahu said the meeting was an “opportunity to pursue our common goals of security, prosperity and peace.”

“I know of your efforts, the president’s efforts, and I look forward to working with you to achieve these common goals,” said Mr Netanyahu.

Mr Kushner said that the President “sends his best regards and it’s an honour to be here with you.”

The White House, managing expectations, said that Mr…

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