New York Today: A Movie to Unite Us?


We doubt this will do it.


Good morning on this radiant Wednesday.

Is there one film that can unite all New Yorkers?

It’s an ambitious question, we know. But that’s precisely what the One Film, One New York project, a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office and the chief film critics of The New York Times, set out to answer.

The project came up with a list of five films (“Crooklyn,” “Desperately Seeking Susan,” “New York, New York,” “On the Town” and “The Wedding Banquet”) and asked residents to watch them and vote for their selection.

We thought their original list was a little thin, so we asked our readers to tell us what films they would add. Here are some of their suggestions:

“Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan.’ Although it’s not my favorite New York City movie, it’s filled with beautiful scenery, gorgeous music, and makes me laugh. I think we could all use more beauty and laughter these days. It couldn’t hurt.”

— Wendl Kornfeld, 68, Upper West Side

“‘A Bronx Tale.’ It has always been one of my favorite movies. Anything with Robert De Niro qualifies. I grew up in Brooklyn in the ’60s and, not that my life was anything like this, but we all knew of those guys! The movie to me speaks of family and trying to make a better life for your kids.”

— Charlie Levine, 60, Morristown, N.J.

“I loudly echo Wendell Jamieson’s suggestions of ‘Across 110th Street’ and ‘Do The Right Thing.’ The latter especially, as it shows the passion, grit, determination, rich diverse intermingled communities, challenges and victories experienced every day in New York City.”

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— Melissa Thornton, 46, Harlem

‘“Crossing Delancey.’ It’s my choice to unite all New York with a story about an older immigrant generation trying to accept the assimilation of the next generation.”

— Barry Schochet, 64, Midtown Manhattan

“‘Working Girl,’ followed closely by ‘Moonstruck.’ Although I was a working girl on Long Island 30 years ago, I felt every bit of Melanie Griffin’s Tess, down to the poofy hair and commuting sneakers. ‘Moonstruck’ inspired me to be bolder and take my cautious Midwestern self to see more of New…

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