New York Today: A Little Quake

There were no reports of earthquake-related damage, injuries, or other issues in New York City, according to Nancy Silvestri, press secretary for the city’s Emergency Management Department.

Small earthquakes are felt in New York City every few years, said Jana Pursley, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, though more damaging earthquakes only strike the Northeast’s urban corridor, which includes New York City, about twice a century. The last two severe earthquakes in New York City, she added, took place in 1737 and 1884, before the magnitudes of earthquakes were even measured.

The last time an earthquake of any note shook the city was in 2011, when a quake centered in Virginia sent thousands of New Yorkers in Midtown Manhattan scrambling into the streets.

Evan Jackson, 30, remembers panicking during the 2011 quake, when he evacuated his office building in Downtown Brooklyn and looked up at the tall buildings. “I thought, ‘I should probably get back into the building’” to avoid any falling debris, he said.

Mr. Jackson said he was “loafing” in bed yesterday when he felt it shake and saw his blinds and mirror move.

“It was pretty light,” he said, unfazed. “This time, I didn’t even get off the bed.”

Did you feel yesterday’s earthquake? What did it feel like? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s what else is happening:


You won’t be shaking or trembling too much today, if you wear a warm coat.

A sunny day lies ahead with a high of 53.

Saturday and Sunday look similar: enough sun to matter with highs that won’t stray too far from 50.

Welcome to December.

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