New Web Series Veggie Hunter Explores the Best Vegetarian Eats Nationwide

Veggie Hunter interview with Chef Adam Sobel of The Cinnamon Snail

Ten years ago it wasn’t easy to have a vegan diet; going out to eat was next to impossible. Now there are vegan/vegetarian restaurants popping up everywhere! And not just on the east and west coasts but middle America too!” – Kamilah Lewis, KOI Media

Veggie Hunter, explores the best vegetarian eats nationwide with host, celebrity DJ CherishTheLuv. Reverend, radio host and celebrity DJ CherishTheLuv is host of the newest YouTube webseries, Veggie Hunter. As a cancer and a double mastectomy survivor, DJ CherishTheLuv takes viewers on a journey for healing through food and music on a mission to prove that plant-based meals don’t lack in taste or in adventure. From restaurants to food trucks, street “no meats” to bakeries, DJ CherishTheLuv travels the nation interviewing restaurant owners and chefs in the new web series, and sampling delicious vegetarian foods along the way.

Now streaming on YouTube, the first two episodes feature NYC’s Cinnamon Snail and the historic Italian restaurant, John’s of 12th Street, who recently added a vegan menu to keep up with the changing times. The next stops on Veggie Hunter route will be Blossom Chelsea and Urban Kitchen, in addition to an interview with owner Pamela Elizabeth, dubbed the “vegan queen of NYC”.

The show, produced by KOI Media, is not for vegetarians alone, but intended for vegetarians, vegans, meat reducers and foodies alike with the goal of introducing new audiences to healthier food options, without sacrificing the flavor. Veggie Hunter sets out to highlight delicious varieties of vegetarian foods, chefs and eateries that dispel misconceptions that the vegetarian food scene is bland and boring.


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