New Utah-Based Phone Skope Product Revolutionizes Digiscoping Industry

A Phone Skope product captures closer images of Bison in this photo, circa Grand Teton National Park, date not specified

The product is built in the USA.

Utah-based hunters-turned-inventors and entrepreneurs, Cheston Davis and Tracy Davis, founders of Phone Skope, have created a product that is revolutionizing the digiscoping industry, bringing it from the hunting and birding world into the mainstream.

About six years ago the father and son duo, both natives of Beaver, were out hunting deer in Southern Utah when they saw a mountain lion tracking a deer. The encounter prompted them to pull out a cell phone and try to snap some photos. They wanted to document the sighting.

The chance animal encounter acted as the catalyst for the invention of Phone Skope’s line of products – products that make digiscoping possible for the average cell phone user and beyond.

What is digiscoping?

Digiscoping is the practice of taking digital photos through a spotting scope typically used for birding or hunting. Users place the lens of the camera to the eyepiece of the scope to take advantage of its magnifying capabilities. For the Davises, taking a clear photo of the mountain lion through the scope proved difficult as they were unable to hold the camera steady.

How Phone Skope products work

Phone Skope products are two-part kits; part one is a phone case, and part two is an adapter that attaches to both the phone case and an optic device such as a spotting scope. Together the elements allow a cell phone camera to utilize the magnifying capability of the scope all while being securely attached. This eliminates shaking and provides clearer, closer images.

Phone Skope kits are available for almost any optic device and smart phone…

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