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A recent survey was ranked Digital Signage to the second to mobile. 60 percent of consumer ranked mobile at the top and 40 percent to Digital Signage. Digital Signage a techneque to advertise about your product, services and other information to your targeted audience and due to nature of digital it is real time communication. At current economical environment every enterprise requires a unique and less costly way to communicate and advertise their products. Media is primary choice for advertisement that’s why Digital Signage is getting popular. Digital Signage having variety to communicate, digital form, instant reach, media power Efficient and impactful communication and many more.

The year 2010 brought the industry to its feet by incorporating a new name, the DSA (the Digital Screen media Association, formerly the Digital Signage Association), and incorporating the trade show that also has a new name, CETW (or Customer Engagement Technology World, formerly KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show), as the official trade show of the industry.

The advertising network association OVAB (Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau) also changed its name, to DPAA (Digital Placed-based Advertising Association).

And the Digital Signage Expo formed a competing association called the DSF (the Digital Signage Federation). “Digital will soon be more ubiquitous than TV,” said Bonin Bough, director of social media for PepsiCo. The complex path to reaching the consumer will drive a technology and media integration that will bring seamless transitions from screen to screen over the next few years. This trend has really been in play as evidenced in the Digital Screenmedia Association name change, but the reality is that mobile and digital signage integration have begun to blur the lines.

Digital Signage in Schools and Colleges
A digital signage system can actually assist in a teacher’s instructional efforts. They can serve as video-extension and distance-learning setups. A lecture can be broadcast from one class room to many or you can set up an IP-based digital signage system to stream a lecture at the main campus to a branch campus over the Web. For interactivity, digital white boarding tools can be used by students to upload work they’ve done on a laptop to the screen seen by all. Students benefit from the convenience on instantaneous communication and the school and teachers benefit from the wise use of their resources.

Digital signage in retail is about “How can I help…

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