New Surface Electromyography Technology Promises Relief for Panama City Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Dr. Tony Salamay – Panama City Chiropractor

Another powerful tool in the fight against chronic pain and illness has been added to the arsenal of The Bay Clinic of Chiropractic in Panama City, FL with the installation of the MyoVision sEMG.

This sEMG (Surface Electromyography) device is the latest in diagnostic technology, providing an incredible perspective into the workings of the spine and the muscles. Electromyography, a long-established method of diagnosis in the fields of chiropractic and Functional Medicine, inserts needles into muscles to determine their state of contraction. The MyoVision sEMG represents a vast improvement of this technology, as it can examine the same muscle function with better accuracy and uses noninvasive sensors on the skin similar to an EKG. This technology is completely safe for all patients, including pregnant women, seniors, and children, and is used in hospitals around the world.

The procedure involved in using the sEMG is quick, efficient, and absolutely painless. After only a few minutes of monitoring via electrodes on the skin, Dr. Tony Salamay and the staff at the Bay Clinic can collect a great deal of data about the muscles surrounding the spine, including the presence of subluxations, tension, and soft tissue damage. All of these conditions contribute to terrible chronic pain or illness that can make living daily life almost impossible.

In simple terms, data produced by the sEMG reveals how the muscles are firing and to what degree. It accomplishes this by monitoring when and to what degree muscles tense up or brace in response to gentle electrical impulses, reading the resulting voltage from the skin’s surface. This points the way to potential misalignment, which is completely treatable…

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