New study says Netflix and other streaming platforms are unsafe for kids


The Parents Television Council released a study stating that many streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are not safe for children due to a lack of parental controls.

SALT LAKE CITY — Whether it’s by tablet, computer or television, children across the country are accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms on a daily basis but, according to a recent study, many of these services are unsafe for children.

According to the Parents Television Council, the organization that conducted the research, this is largely due to the fact that many of these widely used services have “lax or nonexistent” parental controls, giving children easy access to mature content.

Plenty of mature content is available, according to a news release about the study. PTC found that the majority of original streaming content was rated TV-MA. On Netflix specifically, 65 percent of original content is rated TV-MA, with 1 percent rated G and 8 percent rated PG.

Provided by Parents Television Council

The study, titled “Over-the-Top or a Race to the Bottom: A Parent’s Guide to Streaming Video,” examined how effective parental controls are and how readily available child and family content is through the top streaming video on demand services — Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix — as well as on the most popular streaming devices — Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Google Chromecast and Roku. The study narrowed in to exclusively look at the original content provided on each streaming service due to the volume and flux of content provided overall.

“There is a lack of information out there about which devices and services best serve families, so the PTC decided to undertake a review and comparison of some of the most streaming video on demand services and devices from a parents’ perspective,” said PTC president Tim Winter during a conference call presenting the study.

According to the study, if families are seeking “a child-safe or family friendly alternative to traditional…

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