New Study Reveals Top Teamwork Pet Peeves

Concerns about having to work on a team leaves some employees wishing they could fly solo.

The teamwork experience doesn’t appeal to everyone, and in some cases, for good reason.

A “Rah Rah Go Team” atmosphere doesn’t appeal to everyone who works together. Yankees teammates Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez allegedly weren’t very chummy. Neither were Batman co-stars Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, or Star Trek space travelers William Shatner and George Takei. And teaming up with Steve Jobs supposedly wasn’t a pleasant experience for everyone. So why can’t people just get along? According to research from PsychTests, there are specific aspects of teamwork that rub some people the wrong way and that can kill the spirit of camaraderie.

Analyzing data from 18,869 people who took their Team Player Test, PsychTests’ researchers uncovered 14 reasons why people have qualms about working on a team:

1)    60% of people hate working with a team member who can’t keep up with the rest of the group. Whether it’s a lack of skill or experience, less productive members appear to slow the rest of the team down.

2)    50% of people are frustrated by team members who don’t pull their weight, leaving others to pick up the slack.

3)    43% of people can’t stand the delays that take place before a team project kicks off, like planning, role assignment, brainstorming meetings, etc.

4)    40% of people are frustrated by a lack of role clarity. Not knowing who handles which tasks, to whom to report, or who makes the final decisions leaves team members confused and results in a less committed effort.

5)    36% of people admit that they feel inferior to their colleagues, and are worried that they won’t…

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