New SpeedPro Imaging CEO Larry Oberly Announces Vision for Company’s Future

SpeedPro Imaging CEO Larry Oberly

SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, introduced Larry Oberly, a franchise leader with over 25 years of experience as a franchisor and franchisee who has lead RE/MAX’s global development for the last ten years, as the company’s new CEO on Monday, November 6th 2017.

That same day, Oberly sent a letter to all SpeedPro Imaging executives, employees and franchise partners detailing his vision for the company’s future. As a former franchisee himself, Oberly said he understands the daily challenges faced by franchise owners and the joy that comes from building a successful business; one that creates fantastic opportunities for customers, employees and the business owners themselves.

“One of the most exciting opportunities in front of all SpeedPro business owners is building a more profitable and scalable asset,” said Oberly. “That was my goal as a franchisee – to run a successful, income-generating business for as long as I wanted. And – when it was time for me to accomplish something else – to have a profitable and attractive business to sell. This is exactly what I want to help our SpeedPro franchise owners accomplish, too.”

Next, he introduced a few key reasons why he chose to join the SpeedPro Imaging family as its leader. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The SpeedPro Imaging name means something. All franchise owners, employees, and clients are PRO-fessionals seeking meaningful relationships and creating excellent work products. Plus, imaging is more than just printing – the SpeedPro service offering always continues to expand.
  • Endless opportunities working within countless industries. Unlike other industries, like retail, food service, hospitality, etc. (which would be thrilled by 7% year-over-year growth), there is no cap to SpeedPro’s scalability. All SpeedPro owners can grow their business by 50% or more each year.
  • Scalability is propelled by flexible and cost-effective build-outs. It’s normal for a SpeedPro owner to outgrow his or her current facilities because they don’t rely on foot traffic to propel their business. The business has built-in flexibility to consistently scale up.
  • Success and…

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