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The Ibiza is the fi rst model to get the VW Group’s new platform

It’s not quite as posh as Audi, is generally not as value-focused as Skoda and doesn’t have the sheer presence of VW.

As a result, it doesn’t tend to be the first in line for the latest and best technology. It has, however, enjoyed a good run of fortune of late. Sales and profits are both on the rise and it had its best 12 months for seven years in 2016 plus it has always been seen as being rather good at smaller models.

This is perhaps why VW Group has decided that this all-new Ibiza should be the first to get the company’s new platform that will also form the basis of the likes of the Audi A1, VW Polo and others. 

The new Ibiza is an important car, therefore, for Seat and the VW Group as a whole. 

Seat has taken the decision to make this latest version of its supermini a much more grown-up car than the nine-year-old outgoing version it replaces. 

This is most obvious from its external looks which bring the new Ibiza very closely in line with the larger, established and popular Leon family hatchback. 

The sharp creases over the bonnet and along the sides of the car combine with full LED headlights that take on the triangular motif that pops up in various places outside the car. 

There is a selection of new alloy wheels to pick from and they are up to 18 inches in size – notable for a car at this level. 

The Ibiza’s new sensible approach is also underlined by the fact that you can get this car only in a five-door body style. 


The Ibiza is a very good car on many fronts

The Ibiza is the first to get the new platform

Tom Webster

There’s no longer a sporty three-door and those after a new version of the old estate will be guided towards the forthcoming Arona crossover when that arrives later this year. 

Although the Ibiza is the first to get the new platform, which means it is lighter and…

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