New Name, New Website, New Generation

Paul Knight quotes, “The advantages of using a platform like ours is that it opens the opportunity to offer patient-centered care and not just 9am-5pm care, but care when patients and nurses need support after-hours…”

Connected for Care has rebranded to the name Curatess™. Curatess™ offers an integrated care coordination platform that enables advanced Telemedicine delivery in post-acute settings. This brand and name change coincides with the launch of 2nd generation product platform. Curatess™ was initially created and used in 2015 specifically for Lexington Health Network’s skilled nursing facilities as a solution to advance how care was delivered to patients and residents. This solution helped address the Readmission Reduction Program in 2012 and the IMPACT Act in 2014 as the healthcare landscape has shifted to focus on clinical outcomes, with required detailed clinical data.

Curatess™ has seen a remarkable increase in the quality of care, patient interaction and clinical outcomes along with financial benefits to medical and insurance providers since its inception and use in Lexington Health Network’s 10 Chicagoland based skilled nursing facilities. This rebranding coincides with the new generation launch of Curatess™’s telemedicine solution “Essential Care” for the Post-Acute Care setting, and is being released to the public later this month.

“Essential Care” is an exciting upgrade with respect to design and function. New benefits include: a streamlined medical grade cart, easy to use software, EHR/EMR integration,Smart Bluetooth integration of medical devices (stethoscope, pulse oximeter and blood pressure) and mobile applications. Essential Care is available today on Google Play. (iOS application will being released Fall 2017).

Curatess™’s leadership includes Matt Hughes, Curatess™ President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Knight, Curatess™ Founder Curatess™ and Chief Information, and Joe Viscomi, Curatess™ Chief Technology Officer. This dynamic trio’s mission is to advance this technology to help healthcare providers, especially for the benefit of patients, rural care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospitals, and other care settings.

Paul Knight quotes, “The advantages of…

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