New music from legendary artist Prince is now available on two deluxe versions of ‘Purple Rain’ Video

Transcript for New music from legendary artist Prince is now available on two deluxe versions of ‘Purple Rain’

this morning. Brand new music from the legendary singer’s vault now available on two deluxe versions of purple rain. It includes songs like, our destiny, road house garden. B Bruno Mars releasing never before seen footage from the famed grammy rehearsal of “Let’s go crazy.” Watch this. Come on. Let’s get nuts. I really think Bruno is the perfect guy. He really is. To pay tribute. He could be giving us a hint because he’ll be performing on the 2017 bet award stage tomorrow night. Possible he’s going to perform another prince hit. He’s an incredible performer. One man turned the happiest place on Earth to his personal gym. Miss Jeff Wright who lost 40 pounds from walking around the park in five and a half years. He’s showing no signs of stopping. Take a look at what he has to say about his disney-inspired transformation. Encouraging others to get out and do what it is that you love to do and enjoy things the way you do. For me, I love disneyland. Thank goodness. Wright was actually unemployed when he first started going to the park. Somebody gifted him a Disney pass, so he would go there for inspiration to be happy and now that he has a job, whoo whoo, he can celebrate by going to disneyland at nighttime and continuing with his workout. Walking around eating a Turkey leg? I like which you are rows. Finally, it’s time for ice cream. Yes. July just days away. It’s national ice cream month. Sharing our love for the sweet treat is author of “Sweet spot”. Check that book out. It’s about brands and history. I brought some rather unusual flavors, cornbread, black coconut. I hear it doesn’t stain your teeth. And then ice vice, we’ve got pickles of the caribbean. Which one is pickle? Smile, rob. And rainbow. Awesome job, Adrienne. Thank you. Thank you, rob. Wow. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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