New MEDICC Review Highlights Autism in Cuba

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Cuba, detailing accounts of persons, family members and health care providers managing this condition, is the lead feature in the April-July 2017 issue of MEDICC Review. The 1992 Constitution contains guarantees for persons with disabilities, but health care providers note that in the case of ASD, broad efforts are still hampered by a lack of a definitive study on its prevalence in Cuba. Nevertheless, an intersectoral nationwide program is under way to foster acceptance and inclusion for ASD individuals and their families.

This issue of MEDICC Review online also uses its cover to congratulate Cuba’s volunteer Henry Reeve Medical Contingent, winner of the WHO 2017 Global Health Prize. Formed in 2005, originally destined for post-Hurricane Katrina service in New Orleans, Cuba’s offer was rejected by Washington. But several thousand specially trained disaster responders went on to serve in dozens of countries, including Haiti and Pakistan.

Our Editor’s Choice section in this issue includes a Viewpoint on the role of Personal Responsibility in Cuba’s Universal Health Model,, original research on Origin and Evolutionary History of HIV-1 Subtype B in Cuba and Chile: Health Insurance Models & Inequalities.

See the current issue for the full Table of Contents.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: MEDICC Review is accepting manuscripts until September 1, 2017, for its special April 2018 issue on The Road to US-Cuba Health Cooperation, under the guidance of two distinguished guest editors: Dr. Pastor Castell‐Florit (Director of Cuba’s National School of Public Health, accorded the PAHO Health Administration in the Americas Award 2016) and Dr. Jon Andrus (Senior Investigator at the University of Colorado’s Center for Global Health, and former PAHO Deputy Director). The aim of the special issue is to reflect work designed collaboratively to contribute to population health, health equity, social determinants of health and wellbeing, global health cooperation, disaster response, environmental health, medical research to tackle diseases, health systems research, and all bilateral programs that frame “health in all policies”. Consult Author Guidelines.

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