New Live CME Outfitters Webcast on Biosimilars to Treat Inflammatory Disease Launching Soon

CME Outfitters, LLC, a leading accredited provider in continuing medical education, is excited to announce a new live webcast, where participant questions from two free CME Snacks (short, focused activities) on the topic of biosimilars to treat inflammatory diseases. Leonard Calabrese, DO, will be going in-depth with the questions provided to discuss the interchangeability, efficacy, safety, and potential cost savings to patients when it comes to using biosimilars in their practice to manage their patients’ symptoms.

Many clinicians are unfamiliar with these new biosimilar agents and both parties have important questions and concerns: What do the terms interchangeability and extrapolation mean for my practice? Are these agents as efficacious as their reference biologic? How does the development and manufacture process of a biosimilar compare to the original biologic? Can patients expect to see real cost savings? How does a clinician even go about ordering biosimilar agents? Additionally, patients have reported a significant lack of knowledge amongst their clinicians on the topic of biosimilars as they may pertain to the treatment of their inflammatory disease or decreased cost of care.

This activity, entitled Debating Interchangeability, Efficacy, and Safety of Biosimilars in the Management of Inflammatory Disease, will launch on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, from 12:00pm – 12:30pm ET. Pre-registration is available now and is free of charge.

Those who wish to submit questions may participate in the free CME Snacks found on CME Outfitters’ new Biosimilars Hub, which hosts a variety of activities on biosimilar agents as well as a number of free downloadable resources to use in clinical practice. Visit the Biosimilars Hub today at to view or participate in these free activities.

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