New King Stallion helicopter boosts Marines’ aerial power

King Stallion, the U.S. Marine Corps’ ultra-powerful new helo, can carry an astonishing three times more weight than its predecessor.

The Marine Corps will be able to move more Marines, more rapidly from a ship to join the fight in a war zone. With the new helicopter, Marines will also be also to evacuate more casualties to medical aid more quickly in CASEVAC. It could play a key role in quickly transporting more resupply to Marines at remote, hard-to-reach, operating bases.

Made by Lockheed Martin Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, the CH-53K King Stallion will be the Marine Corps’ next-gen heavy lift helicopter, replacing the CH-53E Super Stallion.

The goal is to provide the Marines with the best heavy lift helo in the world. Ultimately, the Marine Corps plans to have eight active duty squadrons, one training squadron, and one reserve squadron.


It is not just super-strong, the Marines’ cutting-edge new helicopter is incredibly advanced in other ways too. In fact, it is so “smart” it can nearly fly itself.

Marines will also be able to leverage the advances in the King Stallion for search and rescue in combat and for other missions like supporting special operations.

It will also be very useful for humanitarian missions. For example, it could transport three times as much food to an area ravaged by a natural disaster that has lost access to local food supplies.

What can it do?

The new helicopter can carry 27,000 pounds as an external load and it can do this over 110 nautical miles. It will…

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