New Jersey Association of Orthodontics Launches Engagement Platform with Next Wave Connect

“Next Wave Connect can help Associations generate revenue while providing valuable resources for members.” Calli B. Dretke, President and CEO, Next Wave Connect

The New Jersey Association of Orthodontists (NJAO) has partnered with Texas-based Next Wave Connect, an online community engagement organization committed to helping Associations accelerate meaningful collaboration between members in a virtual environment.

The 400-member NJAO chose Next Wave Connect as a partner to encourage interaction between members. “The ability to exchange ideas, solutions and best practices across our membership in a closed and secure environment is an important new way that we can add value for our members,” said NJAO President, Dr. Barry Raphael. “We hope they find this new benefit a great way to enhance their practices and grow relationships with their professional colleagues.”

“The New Jersey Orthodontists Association is the perfect partner to take advantage of online collaboration and engagement,” added Calli B. Dretke, President and CEO of Next Wave Connect. “They want to add value to their members while also giving themselves a new, interactive venue to share and disseminate Association news. Members have more distractions and busier schedules than ever before and NJAO is evolving to make member collaboration accessible on-the-go and meet the members changing needs.”

In addition to an online community ecosystem for members, the agreement between the NJAO and Next Wave Connect includes the launch of an NJAO-specific MarketPlace – an invitation-only, interactive directory of relevant and trusted vendors. Business that want to connect with NJAO members can join the MarketPlace to engage members through activities such as posting thought leadership materials or offering demos.

“Launching MarketPlace is a great way for NJAO to generate revenue for their Association, while providing valuable resources for members,” added Dretke.

The platform and marketplace will launch with a celebration in conjunction with the NJAO General Membership meeting this Fall.

About Next Wave Connect

Next Wave Connect enables Associations to engage members in an online, branded community ecosystem. The Next Wave Connect virtual environment…

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