New Hires at ULC Robotics, Inc. Signal Company’s Commitment to Innovation in the US and UK Energy Markets

“Tom and Sam’s backgrounds and expertise will reinforce ULC’s engineering footprint by continuing to address the need for innovation and R&D in the US and the UK utility industry,” said Gregory Penza, CEO.

ULC Robotics, Inc., a leading robotics, energy services and research and development company focused on the energy and utility industries, is expanding its ability to provide the US and UK energy markets with innovative technology and processes by appointing two industry experts to the company.

ULC is recognized for its award-winning and cutting-edge robotic technology, innovation and R&D services for energy utilities that work to reduce costs while meeting the increasingly complex demands of regulators, energy customers, and the general public. To further enrich the company’s extensive experience in the US and UK utility markets, electric industry veteran Mr. Thomas Barracca has joined ULC in the US as the Business Development Manager for the company’s Aerial Services and Electrical R&D divisions. In the UK, experienced gas industry leader Mr. Sam Wilson has signed on as the Head of UK Business Development.

“In line with ULC’s strategy to enhance energy infrastructure, Tom and Sam’s backgrounds and expertise reinforces ULC’s engineering footprint by continuing to address the need for innovation and R&D in the utility industry throughout the US and the UK,” said Gregory Penza, President and CEO.

As Business Development Manager, Mr. Barracca will be responsible for identifying, defining and delivering new opportunities for ULC’s R&D and Aerial Services divisions. Mr. Barracca’s engineering and utility industry background will ensure the value of ULC’s products and services are maximized among new clients,…

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