New Health Care Reform Plan Promises Major Change

“Mandates, subsidies, and regulations brought us to the point where people can’t afford health insurance and doctors can’t afford to practice medicine. This must stop!”

San Diego physician and surgeon Dr. James Veltmeyer is announcing the publication of his

comprehensive informational booklet on the Medical Association Membership ( MAM ) health care

reform plan.

Dr. Veltmeyer, a member of the San Diego Critical Care Medical Group, has been elected for four years

( 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 ) by his colleagues in the San Diego County Medical Society as a “Physician of

Exceptional Excellence,” the most prestigious honor awarded to a “Top Doctor” in San Diego County. He

is among a select group of San Diego physicians who was chosen four of the last fifteen years and he

consistently ranks in the top 1% to 2% for patient satisfaction. He is currently the Chief of the

Department of Family Medicine at SGH where he provides senior leadership to over 200 doctors.

The MAM would uproot the system of third-party payment and interference in personal medical

decisions which he says “are costing lives each and every day, causing needless suffering, and leading to

rationed care while costs, premiums, and deductibles continue to skyrocket.”

“MAM would place doctors and patients back in control of health care, not the government, insurance

companies, or Big Pharma. No longer would patients be denied life-saving procedures by faceless

bureaucrats. Choice and competition would start the process of driving down health care costs and

insurance would return to its original function, covering us for something catastrophic, not routine


Dr. Veltmeyer emphasized that his plan would cover both Medicaid and Medicare patients as well while

bringing down the “outrageous cost of medications.”

The fundamental goals of the Medical Association Membership plan are:

1.    Health care By the people and For the people ( vs. rationed care )

2.    Encourage individuals to manage their own health care

3.    Preventive and routine maintenance medical access for all

Dr. Veltmeyer says his current plans include launching a foundation to lobby for enactment of the MAM

plan at the state and…

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