New Food Insights Study Reveals the Attitudes That Shape How and What Americans Eat

Chart 1 – Where Americans Get Their Meals

Americans are changing the way they eat and their appetite for increased control and wellness is impacting the fast food industry

Despite the convenience of fast food, Americans are eating more home-cooked meals than restaurant meals in a bid to take control over their health, according to the 2017 Food Attitudes and Behaviors Study by Benenson Strategy Group (BSG). The trend study also found growing concerns around sugar and pesticides, as well as changing preferences that are putting the pinch on quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

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Twice as Many Eating Home-Cooked Than QSR Meals

Consumers overwhelmingly favor the foods they prepare to the ones they buy, with 77% indicating they always prefer a home-cooked meal to a restaurant meal. What’s more, about twice as many eat home-cooked than QSR meals on a weekly basis. This even holds true for lunch, a meal when workers tend to eat on the go – 82% eat a home-cooked lunch at least weekly, while just 44% eat at a QSR, 32% at a full-service restaurant and 31% grab pre-made food from a grocery store. [Chart 1].

While most would prefer to eat at home rather than go out, surprisingly cost isn’t the main deciding factor. BSG found, price aside, 43% would stay in and cook, 36% would order delivery and just 21% would go to a restaurant. [Chart 2].

“Americans are changing the way they eat and their appetite for increased control and wellness is impacting the fast food industry,” said Danny Franklin, BSG managing partner. “By eating home-cooked meals, people can control their wallet, but more importantly their wellbeing, and staying in also offers shared personal time with family and friends.”

Kids: Future Proponents of Cooking and Eating at Home

Kids are embracing the role of chef, frequently cooking with and for their families and perpetuating the trend of at-home cooking. In any given week, 72% of parents said they cooked with their kids and 31% ate something their kids cooked for them. [Chart 3]. Additionally, nearly half – 43% – ate dinner at home with their families at least five times.

Pesticides and…

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