New EQIS Allocation Scientifically-Engineered (EAS-E) Income Portfolios Make Distribution and Income Management Easy In Uncertain Market Environments

Scott Winters, EQIS CEO

“We looked at the challenges advisors are facing for their clients and just didn’t see viable solutions in the marketplace,” said Scott Winters, EQIS CEO

EQIS Capital, a Fee Based Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) for financial advisors, is reinventing wealth management again during an uncertain financial market environment with the introduction of its EQIS Allocation Scientifically-Engineered (EAS-E) Strategic Income Model and Dynamic Distribution Strategy. These new models complement the six existing EAS-E models that each have their own investment philosophy spanning the spectrum from strategic to tactical.

EQIS is introducing two new income model portfolios: the EQIS Strategic Income Portfolio designed to generate a steady income and the EQIS Dynamic Distribution Strategy designed to sustain client distributions.

Each income model portfolio consists of multiple asset managers with varying methodologies. Each portfolio consists of equity income, typically large cap companies that pay a dividend and also non-traditional asset classes that pay a dividend like REITS and utilities. The fixed income allocation will typically be a blend of U.S. treasuries, corporates, high yield, and global bonds.

“We wanted to bring something to financial advisors that really simplifies their practice in the income management and distribution area, especially in this uncertain market environment,” said EQIS Capital Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Winters, “We looked at the challenges advisors are facing for their clients and just didn’t see viable solutions in the marketplace.”

NEW EAS-E Strategic Income Model

The EAS-E Strategic Income Model’s core is invested mostly in strategically managed domestic high yield equities, Satellite categories include ultra high yield, real estate, commodities, and specific industrial sectors. The fixed Income component is a variety of mostly strategically managed securities such as preferred stocks, foreign fixed income, domestic corporate bonds, and U.S. treasuries.

Conservative, moderate conservative, moderate, moderate aggressive, and aggressive versions of the EAS-E Strategic Income Model are offered.

“The asset managers in the EAS-E…

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