New documentary provides an emotional look into Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s scandal ‘nightmare’

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin considered splitting up.

This revelation about one of the country’s most high-profile political couples came in one of the many uncomfortable, intimate moments featuring the pair in the new documentary “Weiner.” The film, which documents Weiner’s ill-fated 2013 New York City mayoral campaign, also serves as a portrait of a family engulfed by scandal and the ravenous press coverage that comes with it.

Abedin, a longtime aide to now-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, admitted in front of the documentary crew’s cameras that she and Weiner considered separating after his first fall from grace. Weiner infamously resigned from the House of Representatives in 2011 after accidentally publicly tweeting a raunchy personal photo. Though he initially attempted to claim he was hacked, Weiner eventually admitted he intended to send the picture to a woman on Twitter via direct message and that he had been exchanging sexual messages and photos with multiple individuals not his wife.

Weiner’s second scandal came during his mayoral bid in 2013, when yet another woman emerged and released pictures and messages he’d sent her after leaving Congress in the wake of the initial scandal. Weiner subsequently admitted he had continued exchanging explicit texts and photos with women online following his resignation. The documentary provides an incredibly close behind-the-scenes look at the aftermath of the second scandal. Cameras were rolling as Weiner and Abedin huddled in his campaign office after the fresh pictures emerged and debated how to handle the situation.

“It’s when we were talking about,” Abedin begins, before her voice trails off in evident pain. “About separating.”

“Weiner” includes footage shot by Josh Kriegman, a former staffer from the candidate’s congressional office. This connection likely helped persuade Weiner to give him an unusual level of access. Weiner, who reportedly personally OK’d the filming, was…

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