New Baby Card – Saying the Right Thing

The birth of a new baby is always a joyous occasion and the ideal time to give presents and convey your happiness and good wishes to the new parents and their bundle of joy! Welcoming the new mom and dad to the joys (and travails) of parenthood, congratulations to the entire family, or even to individual relatives of the baby, like cousins, aunts, grandparents, uncles or siblings can all be conveyed by sending a charming, cute, funny or classy new-baby card.

Granted that we live in the Internet age and the quickest and cheapest thing to do would be to send an e-greeting, but people are still sentimental about these things. A “real” new baby card becomes a keepsake in the family and something that the parents can paste into a scrap-book and keep for years to come. Such cards and mementos also get passed down in the family from generation to generation and become unforgettable token of your affectionate greetings.

Before you choose your card you can take a moment to assess the kind of relationship you share with the new parents. If they’re very close family or friends, then it’s simple to choose a card which conveys your feelings. However, it’s not very easy to choose a card for an acquaintance, neighbor, co-worker, staff-member or casual friend which conveys the right amount of sentiment. So you may have to browse through your local greeting-card shop, book-store or supermarket for the right one.

There are several options available in this category. Apart from card design and the kind of embellishments and decoration it has, the most important part of the card is always the words it contains. You may choose an expensive card which has a beautiful picture of pretty flowers or cuddly babies or a funny card with a stork delivering a newborn to the home, but the entire effect can be spoiled by the words inside the card. Cards which already have words in them are a good option provided they’re written well. Wrong spellings, ungrammatical language, offensive jokes or puns can convey a completely wrong impression about you as the sender of this card. Hence it is important to thoroughly read the words inside every card that you browse through and then pick the one that has the best ones. Even if the card is not very expensive or from a famous greeting-card company, if the words are interesting and charming, the card will be pleasing to the receiver.

If you feel that pre-worded cards don’t convey your feelings properly, another option is to pick a card with…

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