New App Gives Away $500+ Cash Through a Skill-Based Ad Gamification System


50% of our ad revenue is shared directly with our game winners as cash prizes. The prize value is directly proportional to the play count.

The newly launched mobile app ConsumerBreak® (available for free on the App Store, iPhone & iPad) awards large cash prizes to game winners by fusing advertising content with skill-based puzzle gameplay. ConsumerBreak is currently hosting a competition with a prize of $500 cash, and will continuously add new prizes worth $300+ approximately every 5 days.

The app features a series of 15 puzzles for users to solve, each “level” increasing in difficulty. At the end of each “AdBreak®” competition, the fastest player to solve the puzzle on Level 15 is deemed the winner and can receive the prize through PayPal. Each level allows the user to view an ad image for 5-15 seconds while a branded audio clip is heard, and then the image is broken apart into glass-like puzzle pieces. The user is then timed in assembling the pieces back together by tapping to rotate them and dragging them into place. Once each puzzle is solved, the player can visit the advertiser’s websites or offers, and can share the game score on social media.

More details and a schedule of prizes can be seen at

By introducing incentivized gamified ads, ConsumerBreak creates a mutually beneficial advertising/gaming system. Consumers can play a free and enjoyable game and compete for a shot at hundreds of dollars weekly, while advertisers receive a maximized value in their ad spending through their increased brand awareness, ad recall, and intentional engagement with their messages. It’s truly a win-win!

Advertising on ConsumerBreak is open to anyone, and pricing is based on a CPE…

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