New Age – A General Summary of The New Age Movement

The NAM (New Age Movement) is a spiritual tradition that was developed using a variety of influences during the second half of the 20th century.  Metaphysical aspects, motivational psychology, holistic approaches, parapsychology, self-help tactics, scientific methods such as quantum physics, and a touch of Eastern and Western spirituality are the various aspects that make up The New Age Movement.  The various integral parts of NAM combine one’s body mind and soul, connecting the previously separated worlds of science, religion, and pseudoscience (a belief or practice that claims to be scientific that lacks supporting evidence). 

The New Age Movement can be dated as far back as the 18th and 19th centuries.  According to author Nevill Drury, Key esoteric researchers and authors have created the basic foundation as we now know proved to be significant to the New Age Movement.  The researchers include Franz Mesmer (18th century self-help healer), George Gurdjieff (known for his articles and research on physics, cosmology, self-help, and mythical elements, and Helena Blavatsky who in the last quarter of the 19th century popularized the Theosophical Society in the west and is known for her beliefs and work within the spiritual realms of existence.  As the movement grew, certain areas of humanity and science influenced and aided its growth and added various other avenues for followers to practice such as metaphysics, “how-to” literature, guides to aid people through the practices (Guru’s), and other various psychological aspects.

Who doesn’t want to feel good?  Who wouldn’t want to be known as the co-creator of this world?  Within The New Age Movement man is the central character, man is divine and the co-creator of the universe.  NAM is a melting pot of Eastern metaphysical concepts.  The basic ideology behind the movement’s operation is simple.  The conglomeration or congregation has hopes and positive foresight, and eagerly awaits the guidance and teachings of salvation and positive knowledge. 

There is however a fear, a fear of being prosecuted due to your sins, fears of damnation, and believe it or not, there are some that fear Christianity.  Christianity has a, my way or the highway theory, and the NAM has a zero tolerance police for intolerant religions.

Mankind is currently detached from God, but not from lack of trying or due to sin, it’s due to the deficiency of comprehending the true and unbelievable power of the Almighty God.  New…

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