New Access For Plaza NYC Hotel Suite Crown Jewel

NYC Plaza Hotel Pulitzer Suite

New Access For Plaza NYC Hotel Suite Crown Jewel

The most prized suite in the Plaza Hotel’s reservation program is now available to reserve directly with the owner of the Fifth Avenue Pulitzer Suite. No one has ever attempted this before outside of the hotel rental program.

Since its inception in 2008, guests could only reserve this highly coveted suite through the Plaza Hotel’s reservation program. Now, the owner of the Fifth Avenue-facing Pulitzer Suite on the desirable fourteenth floor has seized the opportunity of emancipation, allowing guests to reserve the Pulitzer Suite separate from the Plaza Hotel booking system. This allows guests to enjoy the famous suite and all of the Plaza Hotel’s amenities at rates substantially below those offered through the Plaza Hotel. None of the Pulitzer Suite hotel unit owners have tried this strategy, so it’s the best of both worlds for both guest and owner.

By booking directly through the owner, guests will enjoy exclusive access to this perfectly portioned Fifth Avenue suite. The Suite is not available through the Plaza Hotel’s booking system (on Fairmont Hotel’s website) all while you receive the same amenities at a fraction of the cost listed on the Fairmont’s website for a comparable unit, as there are only all of five similar Pulitzer Suites at the Plaza Hotel.

It’s evident that no detail is overlooked in this fully renovated large, king size one bedroom suite consisting of just over 900 square feet, as you relax and enjoy the classical modern furnishings and a spacious sitting room with a decorative fireplace. The 1.5 bathrooms are finished with marble vanities, with the master bathroom having 24 carat gold plated faucets, and marble mosaic tiles in a leaf-like pattern inspired by the iconic Central Park, which is steps from your suite. The Fifth Avenue facing suite overlooks the Pulitzer Fountain and is rife with every luxury amenity imaginable, including 24-hour butler services. Up to four adult guests may stay in the suite and children are allowed as there is a pullout sofa in the sitting room. In addition to five-star amenities throughout the hotel, including an in-house concierge, the owner of the suite is offering…

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