New 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.0 to Provide Large, Complex and Multitenant Hyper-V Environments with the Simplest, Fastest and Best Virtual Machine Management Experience

“Large, distributed and multitenant organizations need a more cost effective and scalable way to manage their distributed cloud infrastructure.” -Scott Sanders, CEO of 5nine Software

5nine Software, the leading provider of Microsoft Cloud management, security and migration solutions, today announced version 2.0 of its popular 5nine Manager Datacenter. This 2.0 release signifies the next step for 5Nine’s Manager Datacenter product to serve as a comprehensive, and scalable enterprise solution. Its new features and improvements enable large, multitenant and distributed Microsoft Cloud datacenters to centrally manage, monitor, back up, recover and control Hyper-V infrastructures in a more cost-efficient and streamlined manner.

Enterprise VMM: The Market Today

The explosion of Hyper-V adoption in recent years, alongside Microsoft Cloud in general, has quickly made it one of the leading virtualization platforms on the enterprise market today. Large organizations with multiple datacenters and locations are beginning to realize, though, that new tools may be needed to more effectively remotely manage, monitor and secure their infrastructure while using this platform.

5nine Manager Datacenter offers the simplest, fastest and best enterprise management experience available. This release provides the following new features and VMM advantages over similar offerings:

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.0 New Features

  • Logical View Grouping: Combines multiple related resources into a single, logical tree view through categorization and grouping. This feature allows administrators to more effectively manage and monitor resources in large, distributed data centers
  • Storage File Explorer: Enables administrators to manage file systems as if they were local, even when they are remote in a CSV or SMB. This feature provides the ability to remotely create, delete, rename, copy, cut and paste actions with storage objects
  • Monitoring: Provides administrators with email alerts when virtualization related events occur in their environments. Customizable, real-time alerts allow you to quickly discover potential issues, such as errors and warnings, before they impact operations
  • Replication Management: Improves visibility into the…

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