Networld Solutions’ MAPIT® Education Technology Planning & Project Management Training Helps Schools Address Poor Communication and Project Management

MAPIT® IT Strategic Planning and Project Management

Sound processes and methods can help separate personalities and emotions from organizational interactions and dependencies.

San Diego-based Education Technology Consulting firm Networld Solutions now offers a training program supporting communication and project management which may be the key to address dysfunction, poor communication and dissension within school districts.

“No matter how many issues a school’s district office may be dealing with, the schools just keep teaching the kids…” This is a common quote from Darryl Vidal, Networld Solutions’s Vice President and Sr. Education Technology Consultant. Schools are places of comfort, learning, safety and societal preparation, as they should be, but oftentimes communications between educators and staff in administration and the school’s district leadership can be strained in an environment of jealously guarded protectorates, legacy operational processes and politically savvy opportunists all striving for the best for their school, students and community, but sometimes causing strife with district leadership.

Vidal states, “You wouldn’t think there’s so much intrigue and dissension at these institutions of education, but I’m always surprised to encounter the turf-wars, in-fighting and outright sabotage in some district offices. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the middle of an episode of Game of Thrones!”

Vidal notes that although teachers may be receiving the necessary technology, content and professional development they need to do their job, the staff and administration rarely have the planning methodology and project management training that can help structure and insure communication and direction at the departmental levels. Just like a patient fighting addiction, the first stage to recovery is recognizing there is a problem. Just ask your teachers and principals how they like the service of the district Information Technology (IT) department. Or vice versa.

Often there are conflicting efforts between departments – particularly IT and Education Services. These two departments’ charters may evolve seemingly at odds. The IT department must support district-wide and classroom technology systems…

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