Neptune Media International announces Cyclonis Password Manager exclusive release on

“I think that the biggest mistake that users make when it comes to their online assets is that they reuse passwords,” said Neptune Media International’s CEO Zell Ping

Cyclonis Password Manager’s first exclusive release on on January 4th, 2018, is announced by Neptune Media, the exclusive distributor of Cyclonis Ltd,. With Cyclonis Password Manager, users can create and only remember one master password to better store and access website logins, and administer sensitive data like ID or passport and payment info in the personal encrypted vault and fill them in digital form with one single click.

Passwords are the first critical layer protection for your online security and will continue to be pivotal for your data protection. Over half of the confirmed data breaches that Verizon analysed for their report “involved weak, default or stolen passwords”—many people still use very weak passwords and often reuse them for all the websites and even credit cards. This lent a helping hand to cyber attackers steal massive amounts of private data and use it for their financial benefit. Among some of the more recent releases by the big names, Cyclonis Password Manager has become an eye-catcher in the cloud-based data management service.

What Neptune Media International admires most is that Cyclonis provides an important and generous gesture to help both tech-savvy and regular computer users to easily store, organize and access their passwords and other sensitive data in a personal encrypted vault. All they need to do is to remember one master password, input the passwords, sensitive information and write down the private notes in their encrypted vault.

“I think that the biggest mistake that users make when it comes to their online assets is that they reuse passwords,” Neptune Media International’s CEO Zell Ping said. “Creating complex passwords for all the online accounts with Cyclonis built-in password generator is literally saving users’ precious time through form auto-filling in the browser and no worrying about forgetting passwords.”

Designed for simplifying users’ digital life, Cyclonis Password Manager provides features as it described in Cyclonis Ltd.’s official press:

“Data Import/Export Features Allow Quick…

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