Need Small Kitchen Storage Solutions? Try These 3 Simple Ideas

The first thing to consider when you’re looking for small kitchen storage solutions, is any rubbish or half used out of date packets lingering at the back of cupboards and shelves, especially deep corner units, how many of us don’t have part finished packets of sultanas or mixed fruit from last year?

Clear It Out

Any broken gadgets and appliances tossed in until you can ‘have a look at them’, because the chances are they never worked properly and never will again – so cut your losses and get rid of them! Thrown from my own cupboards this week was an old broken water filter, a large but cracked jug, three battered spatulas, a hand blender that broke two years ago and more rubbish I’m too ashamed to mention here, you know what I mean, those ‘why the heck did I keep that’ things!

Somewhere in an old household management book it advises not to pack shelves too much and to try and have nothing at the back which can’t be easily lifted out over anything stored at the front. Old fashioned maybe but still good advice and something I’ve started practicing as well as preaching – funnily enough it has meant a lot less gadget avalanches every time the door are opened!

Collapse It Down

Even thin plastic mixing bowls take up a lot of storage space on shelves and cupboards, which makes them ideal candidates for replacement because another surprisingly fast way to reclaim space is by changing out big sold mixing bowls and colanders for collapsible versions which fold flat so you can store in a draw or on a shelf like books – be careful if you store your mandolin slicer in a draw, put safety gloves on before reaching in if the blade isn’t covered!

Put It Into Kitchen Food Canisters

Kitchen canisters and storage jars, particularly those which conveniently stack on top of one another, have restored organized convenience to many a cook’s kitchen chaos including my own. Where once there were opened packets, torn boxes and mess on the shelves, now…

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