Need of Server migration Plan

Now days technology is very advanced and increasing everyday days. The various application used to complete a high valued level projects. So various application are necessary for  every project. Now days the people of the world want to more and more from the technology developer and the expectation of people increase day by day. For example in the mobile companies launches the new new Android mobile phones phones everyday by different companies. These mobiles phones are less with the high level technology and user of the world used these type of mobiles phones mostly because these phones are helpful from every side as our requirement.  

With the help of advanced technology you can do anything like small working like as a send a mail to another person in few seconds, you can communicate with any person face to face any time, send any document or file and like as many other same works done with the help of advanced technology.  So people of the world thinking also changed with also this advanced technology.  The user are more comfortable to use these type of technology in now days.

In now days one topic very quite get to hear i’e Server migration plan. Server migration plan describes in many forms via the different different  methods. But in simple words Sever Migration is the process In which we are moved the data from one server to another. In these type of process Data may be moved between servers for security reasons, because the equipment of system is being replaced, and for any other number of other reasons.  These type of process is often performed by a specialists person who work specifically with servers, So it is also possible for people with little computer skills to transmigrate their own data between system servers. During the migration procedure, data may be pro temp-ore in accessible.

In these type of processing various techniques and tips are used to success in a business and better result expecting.  To used various type of tips in the field of Server Migration Plan like as a :-

Prepare Your DNS

When you are shift your site(s) to a new system server, you will likely want to get a new IP addresses.

Tune Your Server

First of all you’r check your file system and make to sure and confident your partitions are exact set up as you need them. And Set up RAID if required.  

And using various these type techniques and tips we are migrate own server to ano0ther system. And Planning is the best ways to assure a successful migration complete.

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