Need for Storage in Kelowna Increases with the Rise of Multi-Family Housing

Space Centre Storage offers a wide range of solutions for families, condo owners, and students.

We hear from our clients that they have had to store their bikes and other valuables in a caged storage space in the building’s parking garage, where the items can easily be seen. Therefore, secure storage at our facility is very important.

Recent studies have shown that Kelowna is starting to grow up, quite literally. Now the most populated city outside of BC’s Southern Coast, the Okanagan city has seen a high demand for all forms of housing, especially in the multi-family housing sector. A high number of high-rise condominiums and apartment buildings are being erected throughout the city as well as at the UBC Okanagan University campus. While this high-density development is good news for more affordable living spaces in the city, it is also causing an increased demand for storage in Kelowna. And the increase in demand for storage is only expected to rise as more baby boomers retire and families and students look for more affordable housing in Kelowna.

One business in town meeting the demand is Space Centre Storage. The largest public storage facility in the Okanagan, Space Centre Storage has seen increased occupation and demand for residential storage units at its 380,000 square-foot personal and commercial facility in Kelowna, so it has come up with a solution.

Space Centre Storage is in the process of transforming some its larger storage lockers into 100-150 smaller, secure self storage units to meet the needs of condo owners as well as students who need temporary storage, says Yvonne Rogers, Space Centre Storage operations manager. The lockers are expected to open in the spring of 2018.

“Our research has shown that people are looking for just the right amount of space for summer or winter items because there is no room to place these items in their condo or rental units,” says Rogers. “We are also in close proximity to the university where there is a lot of multi-family housing, and we are trying to meet that need for temporary storage solutions and summer storage. A lot of the students there are international students and go home in the summer and they need a place to keep their…

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