NDP asks conflict of interest commissioner to probe Boyd’s role in GTH land deal scandal – Saskatchewan

The provincial NDP has asked Saskatchewan’s conflict of interest commissioner to launch an investigation into Bill Boyd’s role in the Global Transportation Hub land deal scandal, on the heels of a ruling against Boyd on a different matter. 

And CBC has confirmed that Ron Barclay received the request. He said he will decide whether to launch an investigation Thursday.

Boyd is retiring at the end of the month and at that point the commissioner loses jurisdiction. However, if the investigation is launched before that time, then it can proceed. 

Earlier this week, commissioner Barclay found Boyd had breached the province’s conflict of interest act. Boyd was promoting an immigration investment scheme to Chinese nationals. Barclay found Boyd falsely gave those potential investors the impression the project was supported by the government of Saskatchewan. 

Premier Brad Wall booted Boyd from the Saskatchewan Party caucus as a result, and forwarded the matter to the Ministry of Justice. 

Now the NDP wants Barclay to turn his attention to Boyd’s role in the highly publicized GTH land deal scandal. 

In a letter obtained by CBC, the interim leader of the NDP, Nicole Sarauer wrote, “there are reasonable grounds to believe that this member (Boyd) is in contravention of the Members’ Conflict of Interest Act.”

“I respectfully request that that you investigate the circumstances surrounding these transactions and provide an inquiry on any conflicts of interest or other breaches of the Act by the Member for Kindersley or other government members,” Sarauer wrote. 

CBC has asked Boyd for comment and is waiting for his reply.

NDP question’s Boyd’s relationship to Robert Tappauf

CBC broke the GTH land deal story on February 3, 2016.

At its heart, the story is about how two politically well-connected businessmen made millions on a puzzling series of land transactions. That land eventually wound up in government hands after the government spent far more than the appraised value. 

Boyd was involved in directing some of the transactions. 

One of the businessmen who made millions was Robert Tappauf. His family rents thousands of acres of farmland to Boyd’s farming operation. 

“It appears there are clear connections between Mr. Boyd, the then minister responsible to the GTH, and this businessman who profited from an inappropriate use of taxpayer money,” wrote Sarauer.

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