NBA free agency opens on July 1, and here are a handful of stars who could be on the move.

After the Finals and then the NBA draft, the momentum of NBA news typically slows a bit before free agency. That hasn’t been close to the case this season. There are dozens of variables entering Friday night’s start of free agency that could have massive ramifications on the league. Where does Jazz All-Star Gordon Hayward sign? Could Blake Griffin leave the Clippers after they’ve already dealt Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets? And what to make of All-Star Paul George, who has essentially forced the Pacers’ hand into trading him rather than lose him for nothing next year? 

Pay close attention to the rumblings. They might shed light on a player’s future.

Latest free agent coverage: 

Latest news: On All-Star Gordon Hayward, who might be the biggest domino heading into free agency:

From USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick: “But the moving parts are many in Utah, where point guard George Hill is also a free agent. While Hill could re-sign in Utah if Hayward leaves, there are strong signs that the opposite is not the case. Add in the fact that the Jazz have been exploring other point guard options on the trade market of late – a move that may ultimately prove unwise – and you get the sense in league circles that Hayward may be headed out of town.” 

On Blake Griffin, who Los Angeles sees as “Clipper royalty”