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“We sell solutions to problems. We offer products that come with directions which allow you to correct illnesses without having to understand the herbology or medicine,” Frank said. “All you need to know is how to read and follow directions.”

Health and wellness supplement company Nature’s Rite, which is focused on natural products with natural solutions, soon will have products available for sale on e-commerce site

Nature’s Rite remedies use a combination of herbs formulated by master herbalist Steve Frank, who started the company after originally working to help his family and friends achieve better health. Plants and their herbs are essentially mini-chemical factories, and the molecules contained within are fragile and must be carefully extracted. Because of this, the company uses a low-temperature decoction process to extract particular molecules gently and lovingly, maximizing the benefits of each leaf, root and flower. Nature’s Rite uses grapefruit seed extract in some products as an antimicrobial to keep products fresh and the best natural preservative, Optiphen, in trace amounts (less than one tenth of one percent) to improve product stability.

“What really makes our products stand out is the protocol. You can make the best products in the world but if they aren’t used correctly, they won’t help cure any diseases,” Frank said. “So not only do we have the best products, but we also make sure our customers know how to use them so they will achieve their desired goals. Getting them up on RevNutrition is the next step in helping people know what we have to offer and learn how it will help their health.”

The company was founded in 2008 to help introduce natural products with a “wholistic” approach to medicine, meaning they treat the whole person and the whole problem. Nature’s Rite products help treat things like sleep apnea, sinus congestion, restless leg syndrome, bruise and muscle strain repairs, wound relief and much more. Years of lab work, clinical studies and treatment experience helped to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of each product before going to market.

“We sell solutions to problems. We offer products that come with directions which allow you to correct illnesses…

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